Dancing forest and other stories

soundpeice, 29 min.

How can a forest be a participatory monument?
Dancing Forest is a sonic experience. It is composed of a sound piece and serving as a score. The sound piece explores the very core of Forest Calling – A Never-Ending Contaminated Collaboration or Dancing is a Form of Forest Knowledge and its relation to the participatory monument.

How do we embody the forest, and the forest embody us?

How does the forest´s conditioned environment shape our imaginary experiences of the forest as a site of remembrance? In Dancing Forest and other stories, Røstad asks the listener to recall their own embodied experiences of forests. The sound piece will engage with the Forest Calling as a living monument of futures past and present.

Dancing Forest was commissioned by the Public Art Agency Sweden for Forest Intervals / Responding to the Forest’s Calling  a public programme engaging ecological and relational entanglements within Malin Arnell and Åsa Elzéns work Forest Calling – A Never-ending Contaminated Collaboration or Dancing is a Form of Forest Knowledge.

sound piece, forest, participatory monument, embodied futures past and present